Gluten free

Gluten free…

At Whistler’s we understand it’s a rare treat for those with Coeliac disease to have choice when eating out whilst knowing food has been prepared freshly and safely.

Gluten free options are available to take away at Westbourne every Mondays & Saturdays and Hayling Island on Wednesdays & Sundays.

To be kept up to date with what’s new on our gluten free menu, join our e-club using the link below.

Westbourne Menu |Hayling Island Menu

At Whistler’s you can be confident that:

1. Our team are fully trained in cooking and serving gluten free food.

2. All gluten free food is cooked using dedicated fryers, utensils and oil.

3. You will LOVE our tasty gluten free batter and fantastic range of desserts at our restaurant.